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Anthony Jemerson

Being a graduate of Sydney University of Technology, Anthony has a perfect knowledge in this sphere. The main reason he started writing about new devices and life hacks to them is his desire to introduce as many people as possible to the world of technologies.

Gregory Wang

His main tool is a keyboard. Gregory can sit in front of his Macbook for hours, just writing creative ideas or reviews. Gregory’s obsession of a modern world of technology is huge and his main job is to show to many people around the world how interesting it can be for any of us.

Keira Malerson

Keira started to work in IT-industry after graduating University of South Florida. She has a big interest in Mac industry. Her content recently has changed to provide useful information about Macs for all users around the world. The main aim of her content is to deliver a message to all inexperienced users, meaning that getting knowledge in this area is not so hard and there are few steps to achieve it.

Parker Slovinsky

Parker Slovinsky started to work as a Scrum Master after graduating South Seattle College (Computer Science) by profession. He writes about Apple newest devices and updates, where he gives many useful and helpful tips for newbies, in order to solve their first steps. Parker adores researching cutting-edge trends and sharing them in his writing pieces on many famous resources.

Shirley Crossman

Shirley Crossman is a real Apple geek who always is being in search of a new information. She graduated from Boston University in 2013 with a degree in Computer Science and spent her entire professional life studying and observing novelties in the world of technology. Shirley writes various reviews and articles about Apple products and follows all the updates to keep her readers in trend.

Tyler Greiner

Tyler Greiner has recently joined the team and became our constant blog writer. Previously worked at Ninjaessays.us. Being a graduate of Texas Tech University, he knows a great deal about Macs and gives his readers only faithful and checked information. Jackson loves to test or explore any tech novelties by himself to share his own experience with the followers.