Are you feeling that your Mac can do more, but something is slowing down its performance? This can happen as a result of storing too much trash on your computer, including cache, cookies and browser history. There’s a common misconception that cookie files are not a big deal when it comes to clogging your computer, but it’s wrong. To bring your new MacBook Pro back to life, you’ll need to clean every cookie from every browser you use.


So what exactly do we know about how to clean up cookies on mac and what are they? Web cookies are nothing but small pieces of data that your computer collects while you browse online. For example, a website can store your shopping cart details, login info, and save the information that you’ve entered into the form fields.

Not all cookies are harmless. Instead, some of them can be dangerous and spy on your activity online. Naturally, certified websites don’t create malicious cookies, so you shouldn’t worry much, but as for other websites that raise suspicion, you’d better watch out. By “dangerous” we mean tracking cookies. These can gather batches of information about your web browsing and send it away to some random companies. Creeps! And they’re not in a hurry to leave, not until you force them out by deleting them all at once. But as wrong as it may sound, on average, it doesn’t happen often. Just make sure to stay away from unsafe websites and clean your cookies once in a while, in this way they’ll have no chance of spying on you. Now let’s see how to clean cookies on mac in details!


Do you keep it classic and stick to using Safari browser? Great! Follow these easy steps to get your cookies erased. First, go to your Preferences in Safari, then press Privacy – Manage Website Data, here you can pick the websites you want to delete, once selected, hit the Remove button. And to delete all cookies right away simply choose Remove All and click on it!

Note, that after you wipe out cookies from Safari, all saved login and password info will be deleted and you’ll have to sign in again to every profile online if you snap that Remove All button. This may sound annoying, especially considering the number of social networks and websites we use everyday, but there’s no easy way out, we all have to admit it!


If you ask yourself “how do I clean up cookies on a Mac Chrome?” don’t you worry, as this is just as simple as clearing cookies on Safari web browser! Let’s see how it works with Chrome. Firstly, start your browser, click on three dots at the top right corner of the toolbar and choose More Tools – Clear Browsing Data. There, in the checkbox pick Cookies and choose the amount of data you wish to delete, ranging from the beginning of time to only the last hour. Also, there are two more options to this range, so choose what amount of browsing data you need to erase wisely.


To make things even more secure and private, you can disable cookies in your Chrome browser by simply going to advanced Settings – Content Settings- Cookies and there uncheck the Allow local data. And if you want to enable the cookie files, just follow same directions and box check the Allow local data to be set. Here you go!