Does your computer slow down sometimes? Stops applications and generally performs its functions poorly? This means it’s time to clean your Mac of that junk that has accumulated during the time.

Why is it important to clean up your Mac from time to time? Well, your smart machine needs this to work properly, better cope with any given tasks and not make you wait long. You need to take care of your computer, and that’s why you should learn these three ways how clean up Mac efficiently and quickly.


To make your Mac run better, the first thing you should do is to find and delete unnecessary files and applications. The point is that they accumulate in computer memory, and maybe even take up a lot of space. So, you should check the login items on Mac and find out if any apps retrieve the application memory.

Now, go to “System Preferences”, select “Users and Groups”, and then select User. There, choose the option “Login Items” to see the applications that open during startup automatically.

After that, you may choose applications that you don’t want to open by default and click the “Minus” icon below.

Secondly, you can unclog files on your Mac by cleaning the “Caches” folder. It stores a large amount of data and so fills up your storage. In order to clear “Caches” folder, open Finder and click “Go” in the upper left corner. Then, press the Option key on the keyboard and click on the “Library” icon, which opens the “Library” folder.

Find the “Caches” folder and double-click to open it. Then, move all files from the “Caches” folder to the trash.


The second method of cleaning Mac system that I’d like to share is to use the MacFly Pro. Recently, I’ve found this special application helpful to remove various junk from my Mac and protect it from threats. Let me tell you about the beneficial functions of MacFly Pro:

  • The program detects and removes duplicate files located in photos, movies, music, documents, and folders.
  • It deletes old unnecessary files and extensions that you never use.
  • This app gets rid of temporary files, as well as clears user, system, and browser cache.
  • The program uninstalls unwanted and excessive applications from your Mac hard drive.
  • It sends alerts about the possible overflow of internal computer memory or potential threats.
  • MacFly Pro provides general scanning and so guarantees complete optimization of your Mac.

There are more advantages of this cleaning software but I’m not here to highlight them. I just want to add that after you install the application on your Mac, you can use its Smart Assistant, Cleanup, Tools that are focused on deep system analyzing, full or selective scanning, and also careful cleaning and protection.


The last effective way to improve performance and clean up your Mac is to reset SMC. Don’t worry, you will not lose any important data or files – this operation will only reset certain settings on your Mac to make it run better.

To reset the SMC on iMac, you should first turn off the power of your device. Next, you should unplug the power cord and wait 15 seconds. And then, connect the cord back to your computer, wait 5 seconds and turn on the device.

If you want to reset the SMC on the MacBook, you’ll need to power off the device too. When the computer is off, find “Shift”, “Control”, “Option”, and power button. Then, hold all four keys simultaneously for 7 seconds and if your MacBook doesn’t turn on, you’ve done everything correctly. After that, power on your device.