Most people prefer to consider Siri as a female but it is not actually true. The original accent of Apple assistant was British and it was male, and updates came only with iOS 7.1 version so, now, you may easily get rid of the local version of your assistant and choose between accents you like the most (and be able to control with your iPad).

You can pick either female or male voice and, for instance, if you are an English speaker, you have such options as British, Australian and American (six different accents in total). So how can you make Siri speak reproachful, respectfully or cute?


Many people are worried about switching to different accent because if you change Siri to British, what if Siri expects you to speak British too? Apple support states that Siri has been trained to recognize different local dialects so you can use your assistant in any region and in any supported language. So if, for instance, you choose U.S. region in your settings and use English, you can nevertheless tell Siri that you prefer to speak British accent and it is fine. Does it affect voice control speaker?

Here is a personal experience of one user: the initial language settings help Siri understand your accent faster but this is not the only option. From the point of view of practice, Siri is that bad that it makes no difference. You can go ahead and change the accent, but you will be at least entertained when it gets all wrong instead of throwing your iPhone or iPad into the wall


Here is the easiest part: if you want to choose Siri accent, on your device go to Settings, then choose Siri & Search and then Siri Voice. You will have different options for gender and accent of the assistant depending on your regional settings and language. If you pointed English in iPhone settings, you will likely see the following: choose the hottest, smartest, cutest accent, whatever. Then point preferred gender. After you are done, you can enjoy new Siri’s voice!

Did you know that you can ask your assistant to give you a nickname and always address you that way? If you want to have fun, switch the accent to Australian and ask to name you Bruce – your Aussie friends will be annoyed like hell!