Recently Apple has released macOS High Sierra. This operating system offers several new features to the Apple users. Here are the most valuable among them: Apple File System, refreshed Photos app, and improved video playback. Apple clients can get all this new stuff and even the entire operating system for free.

You need to back up your Mac before High Sierra installation. You may use any online backup service or Time Machine if you like. There are also various instructions online on how to back up your Mac. The installation process will take some time. Usually, it is about an hour to get completed. It depends on your internet connection type and speed. Once everything is ready for the installation, just follow the instructions we’ve prepared for you below.


1. First of all, you need to launch the App Store application. It is settled in your system’s Application folder.

2. Search for macOS High Sierra among other applications and make sure this is the version you need. The search won’t take long as the installation button will be somewhere on the top of the list. Just click one on it when you find it.

3. Once you get to the High Sierra App Store section, you should read the description of the product created by Apple. When you’re done, you can push the Download button. It is located in the upper left corner. The download process will take just a few But it depends on your Internet connection speed. The installation program is more than 5GB so, if your internet is slow, the download process will take more time than usual.

4. The installer app launches automatically after the download process finishes. But if you want to install your new operating system later, just use Command-Q to quit the installation process. You will find it later in your Applications folder or just press continue if you want to proceed right away.

5. Don’t forget to read the license agreement. Then click Agree to continue.

6. You need to select your Mac’s startup drive and press the Install button.

7. Before the installation begins, you need to enter your username and new password. Those points will be used for the new helper tool installed along with the new operating system. After typing in the info, just press Add Helper.

8. The next step will be to restart your Mac. The installer will tell you when it is needed so, just press Restart button.

9. Any other applications opened in the background will be automatically closed. Or you may close them at once just clicking Close Applications.

After the Mac will restart, it will proceed with the installation process. The system will inform you when the fresh High Sierra installation is completed.