You like to download lots of movies but have no spare space? While you are waiting for new Mac Pro 2019 release (that is not going to be soon), it is time get all possible out of your current device and enjoy it right now. You can start with upgrading your RAM capacity which will be the easiest way to make sure that configuration of your memory is now giving you the best performance.


When it comes to memory, Mac Pro models have pretty accurate requirements for specifications compared to the systems based on PC. For Mac Pro, you need the same kind of memory that is used in server class machines, and namely:

  • dimensions 240-pin and 72-bit wide modules;
  • error-correcting code;
  • DDR3 SDRAM type of module;
  • 1333 MHz or 1066 MHz speed rating.

You should understand that the speed of memory also greatly depends on the installed processor type. For instance, if you have popular Mac drive (Westmere based CPU) then you can run only modules supporting 1333 MHz. So check it first before moving forward.


The most obvious way will be to have deals on eBay and choose from a number of memory modules with different capacity. However, it can be risky as you can buy, for instance, 4 modules and get just one functional instead. As an alternative, you can use Amazon too. When it comes to installing, Mac Pro 2013 and earlier models are pretty friendly to the end user. They are easy to access and no tools are needed to perform this task.


In order to remove the modules, do the following: turn off your Mac and make sure you unplugged the power connector. Then take the side panel up and remove it. After that press the latches, pull the tray out and place it on the surface (make sure it is not static). Lift the tabs you want to remove from each side of the module and put it in a static place to be stored. Depending on the model of your Mac, there will be four or eight slots for memory. Done!

Do it slowly and carefully when filling up the modules and remember that if you want to get the fastest configuration of memory, you should not use all the slots. Mac Pro models have one, two or three-channel configurations of memory which means that it all depends on where are you going to install the modules. The speed grows with the number of channels respectively and your Mac Pro can do that striping the data to two or three modules to set up two or three-channel connection.


The memory could be inserted just in one way, so line up the pins and press the module into the slot. You should make sure that all the tabs are in closed position grabbing the module. Then you can fill in the slots due to required configuration and insert CPU tray once again into your Mac. Close the latches and the side panel, then boot up your Mac again. You have made it!


If you did everything right, now you can access the memory. Did you? Share your experience and questions and also your opinion regarding whether you should or should not upgrade your old hardware or is it better to wait until new MacBook Pro 2019?