The third public beta of the expected upgrade of the iOS 11 has been released recently and you definitely can`t wait to test its new features. Apple is going to release iOS 11.3 sometime this spring but now you can try the beta version which is considered to be one of the most popular betas ever. So, we want to introduce iOS 11 with its wonderful changes you will undoubtedly enjoy.

1. iOS 11.3 makes it possible to keep messages in sync with your Apple devices. By saving your messages in iCloud you will be able to save plenty of storage space. You will see a splash screen that will ask you to enable iMessages in iCloud. What is more, messages in iCloud will now include a confirmation dialogue while deleting the message threads.

2. You will meet four distinctively new Animoji characters in the Messages app – skull, bear, dragon, and lion. You can easily pretend to be one of these gorgeous animals while making karaoke videos or chatting with your friends.

3. The iBooks app was renamed to just simply ‘Books”. Apple`s transition away from ‘iProducts’ is a major reason for such change.

4. You will be able to converse with merchants and pay for goods and services with the use of Business Chat.

5. In case you call any emergency number, your current location will be automatically sent to emergency services. Unfortunately, Advanced Mobile Location isn`t currently supported in the United States.

6. Thanks to the Feedback app you can always express your opinion about performance improvements and bug fixes.

7. iOS 11.3 will provide users with an experience everybody has definitely dreamt for such a long time. Now you can see all your medical records from various providers. The updated Health app will include information about clinics and hospitals.

8. Apple has made HomeKit software authentication official. It is a great way for developers to add HomeKit support to existing accessories and protect security and privacy at the same time.

9. iOS 11.3 makes your iPhone more secure. Now a Privacy icon will be always displayed when an app will request to use your personal information.

10. Size information for updates and the version number is now brought back to App Store.

11. New battery health information and management feature was added. Go to Settings>Battery>Battery Health to find out your new battery information.

12. Some changes were also brought to Podcasts application. Now it can hyperlink episode pages and play them with one tap.

13. ARKit 1.5 will provide you with more immersive AR experiences. Now it can not only accurately map irregularly shaped surfaces but also recognize virtual objects placed on the vertical surfaces.

14. You will now see a ‘Confirm with Side Button’ instruction at the bottom of the purchase window.

15. Apple TV supports frame rate matching and its location pulls from HomeKit rooms.