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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Explore the New Features Delivered by the Latest ARKit Update

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We have an extremely good piece of news for you! ARKit developers have expanded their unique capabilities to present something you will be impressed with. New features of iOS 11.3 will make your ARKit experience more realistic and more fascinating by taking the apps far beyond the screen. So, it`s time to find out which new things are coming to ARKit.


It is obvious that the resolution while taking photos and screenshots with the use of your favorite ARKit apps isn`t so high if compared to a normal iPhone photo. Fortunately, ARKit 1.5 will completely change this situation. With higher resolution and auto-focus you will enjoy a 100% sharper view.


Thanks to ARKit update you will also find something interesting on your iPhone X and its TrueDepth camera. You will be really excited about new Animoji such as skull, bear, lion, and dragon. So, the total number of all Animoji character is 16 now.


The ARKit update will give you the opportunities to interact with the real world that surrounds you in entirely new ways. Just use an ARKit feature to “see” more things. You will be able to see and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces and take advantage of a more accurate map of irregularly shaped surfaces. All improvements are aimed at making your experience more realistic. It will be much easier to detect such things as windows and doorways. What is more, you will be told where you can find a coffee cup on your table or a wall close by. So, the updated ARKit gives you more flexibility by making your AR experience more true-to-life.

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