Some new icons found in the code of the latest iOS upgrade – the iOS 11.2.5 suggests functions that may come with the long-expected HomePod within the next month. In particular, the users may obtain the possibility to create custom scenes with support for the muting “Hey, Siri” capabilities.

In an image posted on Twitter, some icons apparently show a HomePod next to a muted Siri glyph. And some icons have “siri-off” in their filenames, speaking in favor of the hypothesis.

Similar to other modern Apple devices, HomePod features an always-on voice functionality, which allows activating Apple Siri speaker just by speaking to it. But sometimes, for privacy reasons, users may wish to disable that function.

Other suggestions derived from the strings in the code point to the ability to support multiple unique voices, which means the possibility to control Siri for more than one person.

Apple’s HomePod was announced last June at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference. Then, however, the smart speaker’s release was postponed. Expected late last year, the HomePod failed to ship as originally planned, which was announced last November. Despite such a large delay with the HomePad’s launch, a steady flow of code references from Apple software has made it possible for the community to learn quite a few details about the elusive smart speaker.

Meanwhile, there are strong signs indicating the speaker’s arrival in the very near future. Thus, last week, one of the two suppliers finally announced the shipment of the first million of units, while the forecasts for the year’s production vary in the range from 10 to 12 HomePods. This news together with the recent approval by the FCC, suggest that users may now expect the speaker to arrive very soon. The wait for Apple’s first smart speaker becomes even more excited as there have appeared new strong competitors on the market segment such as voice-controlled smart speaker Sonos One, which is much cheaper ($199 versus HomePod’s $349).