At the very beginning of May, Apple presented iOS 11.4 (version 3 of beta testing) coming exactly in two weeks period after iOS 11.3 release. Except for adding new wallpapers the developers also fixed problems with Music, AirPlay, Keychain and etc. The most significant change is the fix of not responsive 3D Touch (in case you are a beta tester or developer, you may download new iOS 11.4 right now updating the software).

Apart from that, the latest version has such things uncovered as AirPlay 2 commands and Siri support. You can use iPad, iPhone or Apple TV and just say, for instance, ‘Siri play the Imagine Dragons playlist’ and the system will do this on the compatible speakers with AirPlay 2 (soon it will be possible even on HomePods).

So what are the main changes made to this iOS version?


There are some new issues in this version which will be covered later (at least, we believe so). One of them is that messages are displayed not in order, which is not convenient and the other one is that in the Message app Apple News are not linked elsewhere. However, there are still some issues left from the previous beta version:

  • problems with the cellular connection (users are not able to stream TV shows);
  • there is a wrong title for a TV show in different places;
  • there are duplicate films, episodes, seasons and TV shows placed not in order;
  • all attachments in messages are not fully restored in conversation after a clean install;
  • if you click airplane mode, the downloaded films will not show up;
  • the pop-up contents “remove download” are not centered vertically.

This was a complete list of issues that should still be fixed in the next beta version, but some of the previous issues are already successfully solved. Here is a brief description of them:

  • now you can delete images in iMessages;
  • you do not need to wait for 3D Touch to activate your phone anymore;
  • the Spotlight keyboard delay is fixed;
  • siri speaker bug with playing specific music (they are used to be played in the alphabetical order);
  • volume indicator.


The final version of iOS 11.4 will contain all long-awaited iPhone features like iCloud Messages and AirPlay 2 which Apple failed to present since June 2017. However, there is a chance that they will do that again and we will not see it before the next year. We hope that in final release Apple will have all of these features ready for users and we can state that we are totally not alone who are tired of waiting!