Last month Apple first introduced iOS 11.4 and its current fourth version is already available not only for developers but also for the regular users. Compared to iOS 11.3, the new version has just a few new important features and it is not actually a surprise as Apple has been working hard to smoothly deliver the OS that is gonna be a great part of future iOS 12. Taking into account that the final version still has not been released, we have compiled the best features you are gonna find in it once it finishes beta testing.


Now AirPlay has two new functions:

  1. It is compatible with Siri.
  2. You can control music in different rooms.

Now Siri is nice with commands from AirPlay and compatible not only with speakers but other Apple devices. For instance, you can say ‘Siri, play Linkin Park podcast in the bedroom’ and it starts playing at once. If the TV is connected, it will turn on automatically and with the help of Siri, you can control playback in different rooms in case you have a few AirPlay 2 devices. Eventually, this feature will be supported by HomePod and other speakers and you could control the rooms using the Home app.


After seven months of waiting iCloud messages seem to be closer to Apple products than ever. You can open the Messages app and be welcomed to use it (compared to previous beta versions). However, if you are going to use this particular feature to synchronize with your Mac, you will have to get running macOS 10.13.5 or later versions.


In March, Apple handled the educational event where the company presented two new software decisions for schools – ClassKit API (for developers) and Schoolwork application. The app is created for teachers to give information, assignments and check the progress of their students. In the app developers designate information and various activities that can be helpful for teacher’s work.


It is not actually a real new feature but it is an important bugfix which was absolutely necessary. In a few days after presentation of iOS 11.3 users noticed that 3D touch did not work on home screen after you unlocked the device. Usually, it started working after a few seconds but not in Quick Actions right after you click on the App. Now, this feature is finally fixed.


Some users noticed that when you set the HomePod up and the system asks you to enable personal requests, the Messages, Notes and Reminders icons seem to be changed. Now, you can see the Calendar icon, which can be either just a bug or a sign of the new feature coming sooner than we expected.


Here is other wallpaper for iOS with the only difference: it is available for such models as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. First, this feature appeared on the models of RED iPhone 8, but iPhone 7 and iPhone X do not have access to it.

For now, these 6 features are the most significant you can see from Apple upgrades in iOS 11.4. We will watch out for updates and add news as soon as we hear something interesting. However, we need to mention that there also will be the list of bug fixes that have been made in beta versions before a stable one comes out.