Customers’ feedback on applications on iOS and Mac App Stores has always been mixed. For instance, they were not sufficiently informative or even misled users with untruthful facts. I don’t know as for you, but most people prefer reading the reviews before downloading or buying the app, and particularly negative ones. Often this affects the ranking, but this is not the major point. The bottom line is that often users do not receive answers to their questions, and remain unsatisfied with App Store as a whole.

The decision depends on the feedback, whether to buy or not to buy an app. Well, if every negative review receives a response from the developers themselves, this would improve the reputation of the brand. Apple has already succeeded in this: with the advent of iOS 10.3 and macOS Sierra 10.12.4, developers will be able to respond to App Store users reviews.

This is the first time ever that software developers are able to contact the users personally and give them a hand. Credible sources indicate that Apple developers will address user reviews on iOS and Mac App Stores in the most convenient and accessible way. It will be opened to the public, and every user would have the opportunity to read the answers.

Apple provides its developers with only appropriate responses, they must be concise, clear and informative. The software developers should give preferences to negative reviews that have set a rather low rating for this or that application.


The App Store ratings and response system will get a modified form, however, the exact form of their functioning is unknown yet. According to some experts, it will certainly be convenient to use for both the developer and the user of the application. That is, no one will force the software developers to respond to each review, there’s just no point in it.

Another group of people believes that changes will occur in a more favorable way for the user. That is, everyone will be able to leave a review or rate a certain application without closing it. The application will not stop working and, moreover, redirect you to the App Store, so that as soon as you leave feedback, you can immediately continue to play or work with the app.

According to another source, customer reviews will appear on iTunes Connect, a specific dashboard where the developers can see the incoming reviews and provide responses immediately. Furthermore, especially for developers, the customer reviews will be sorted by country, which will facilitate their search and, accordingly, the response process.

Now we can safely conclude that such changes in the rating and response system will be of a great benefit to Apple. The more users get answers to their questions, the more developers can satisfy their requests, the more attention they can attract. This will improve the quality of programs and applications, and there will also be observed a better user experience.