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Everyone knows that technology does not stand still, and with every step, we make our future innovative and highly interesting. One of the most recognizable corporations in the modern world is Apple – a powerful technological giant. In 2016, the corporation released Swift Playgrounds, a revolutionary application that has changed the world. It appeared as the most effective and interesting coding teacher. Until then, people could not even imagine that writing codes or creating applications are so simple and fun. The application can be called a kind of a free video game, with challenges, tutorials, and games, which is useful for both children and their parents. Since Swift Playgrounds have become mega popular, developers no longer doubt that they can interest children and adults in programming and coding.

What next, you could ask? Recently, Apple has released a new version of Swift Playgrounds 1.5, allowing you to control robots and drones over Bluetooth using your iPad. Isn’t it impressive?

So, let’s start in order. We know that with the help of Apple’s Swift programming language, everyone can write codes. For many years, all the free time of many children and adults around the world has been filled with toy robots, machines, and flying drones. Since drones and robots are very popular now, Apple decided to give users the opportunity to navigate these amazing devices. Now every child can use a Swift code to give commands to toy robots or drones without any help.

The robots and drones you can now control with your iPad are products from famous brands like Lego, Sphero, Parrot, Ubtech Robotics, and some others. Open Swift Playgrounds and you can explore coding by creating and giving commands to LEGO’s robots, vehicles, and machines. LEGO enables kids to create and play with their creations by controlling their sensors and motors.

Sphero, for instance, has already started teaching students the basics of coding and programming. But with the brand-new Apple’s Swift Playgrounds 1.5, it provides efficient educating exercises for the kids to learn the elements of robotics. It comes in the form of a robotic ball, that rolls, turns and changes colors the way a user wants it to.

Parrot, a well-known drone manufacturer, has also begun to cooperate with Apple. Its Mambo, Airborne, and Rolling Spider drones are connected with Swift Playgrounds 1.5. Kids can make the drones turn, take off, land, and perform various tricks in the air using their electronic devices.

Swift has received thousands of positive reviews and is getting more fans day by day. Obviously, this is not the last thing that Apple has prepared to amaze us.