Within its service fulfillment area, Apple Inc. tries to provide the full scope of products for its users and make their experience of using Apple inventions comfortable and reliable. They do not want users to search some additional applications or features among products of other developers and concern about the integration and proper functioning of the devices. Therefore, Apple tries to stand the ground in regard to software and hardware innovations and ensure users with the top quality.

The latest Worldwide Developers Conference turned into a place for vivid disputing and debut. Apple announced a voicecontrolled smart speaker Siri Speaker, which laid claim to Amazon Echo and Google Home. The smart speaker is introduced but is not yet available in retail. Manufacturers specify the end of the year as a starting point for Siri Speaker shipping.


The hardware was carefully developed by the Inventec. The company is already famous for developing and implementing of the wireless AirPods. Development of the Siri Speaker took a lot of time and product was secretly tested for a few months by the employees. Thus, it promises to be a high-quality hardware, which will boast virtual 3-dimensional sound and will be applicable for controlling HomeKit-enabled devices. Developers tried to issue the product of up-standing quality with the excellent sound and embedded sensors for acoustic measurements and adjusting of the sound levels.

The main goal of the Siri Speaker development consists in motivating users to prefer Apple products, thus it means reducing their opting for Home or Echo. Siri Speaker is compatible with other Apple products, thus smoothly functioning with all gadgets of Apple Inc. will be free from any issues. This provides a noticeable superiority as the developers hope that such functionality will increase the usage of other Apple offerings. For example, it is expected that the number of users, who give preference to Apple Music, will be higher since the usage of Echo or Home that offer the music streaming was unavailable. Siri Speaker is supposed to become a platform for development and providing of other Apple features, which will broaden the capabilities of the Apple market products and bring the users more closely to the area of Apple services.

Due to its high quality and complex integration ability in regard to the ecosystem of Apple, Siri Speaker is considered to make a serious challenge to Google and Amazon tools. However, the last ones do not lounge away time and offer users various third-party apps and extra abilities to their devices. Let’s follow the confrontation of giants in the cyber world and take advantages of all innovations.