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Together with early warmth and slightly sprouted verdure, spring is bringing the newness of Apple production to the public. March 2018 promises to be full of pleasant surprises for Apple fans launching a great bunch of upgraded product lines. So, what to expect from Apple in 2018? If you have been sitting on the edge of your chair for too long to find it out, follow the article to reveal all the upcoming innovations.

Experience a breath of spring freshness with Apple new items of 2018.


Analyzing all press releases and rumors going around 2018 debuting and refreshed classic Apple production, we present the list of possible innovations in the iWorld. Starting with brand new smart speakers and rounding with Mac refreshments, the first rumor goes to…


Ouch! Watch out Amazon and Google – new Wi-Fi smart speakers designed by Apple are entering the arena to wrestle. Aimed to debut in December, the release was postponed to the “early 2018”.

For the very first smart speakers, Apple fairly focused on the sound quality. Smart indeed: with an A8 chip, HomePod is provided with special awareness characteristics. It analyzes the room and regulates the sound features respectively. The speaker with a 4-inch woofer lining grants neat and clear sound.

Of course, HomePod could not pass by another smarty. Siri is embedded into the smart speakers, engaging with Apple Music. The speakers can also spot Siri commands around the room, playing your favorite songs or answering questions.

The price is predicted to be around 350$


If Jack had a chance to exchange his three magic beans for new models of iPhone X, iPhone8 and iPhone8 Plus, we hope he still would be full of joy. The rumors suggest that a 6.5-inch model, which may be presented as iPhone X Plus, will follow the 2017 version of 5.8-inch iPhone X with OLED display.

KGI Securities claims that three new models will possess the full edge-to-edge screen displays, facial identification, and TrueDepth camera system. All these innovations mean the end of the Touch ID fingerprint era, alongside with Home button.

Apple is also planning to produce a 6.1-inch phone with LCD display. It is expected to be at a lower cost, with a lower-resolution of 320 to 330 pixels per inch.

It’s still not obvious what other special features new models will include. They are talking about some new battery technology that will help extend the battery life. The design is believed to remain glass bodies for the new models. However, the name of the next-generation phones can be changed: they still haven’t revealed the new naming pattern.


Apple Watch Series have been updating every year, since the first series launched in 2015. So, people are expecting the new fourth-generation to come out soon. The rumors suggest that this year’s series will be finally redesigned. The same rumor occurred the last year but we hope Apple will finally surprise the fans this time.

Apple has been editing new health-related features. The non-invasive glucose measurement technique is being tested. However, it doesn’t seem it will come out anytime soon.


Besides above-mentioned devices, MacBook is also annually updated. Apple lovers are anticipating to greet the 8th generation this year as well. It has passed only two years since the first MacBook was presented, so there are no major design changes to be expected. The same concerns the newest MacBook Pro line. But they say it may feature a faster RAM and SSDs.


The Qi-based wireless charger was first available for iPhones models such as iPhone X, iPhone8 and 8 Plus. Incredibly, the Qi, named after Chinese philosophy category, can transfer its “energy flow” over a distance of 1.6 inches. Apple couldn’t leave out this technology wonder behind, so as it was announced in September, the company is working on its own design.

Apple’s wireless charger called AirPower can serve for Apple Watches, iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus all at once. The expected cost of the device around the US is 199$.

Apple innovations of 2018 do not end here. The rest of the products are expected to see the world in fall. A new completion of fall product rumors is coming soon, so stay tuned to get the latest catch ups!

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upcoming-2018-apple-noveltiesTogether with early warmth and slightly sprouted verdure, spring is bringing the newness of Apple production to the public. March 2018 promises to be full of pleasant surprises for Apple fans launching a great bunch of upgraded product lines. So, what to expect from...