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Six Reasons to Buy the Apple Watch Series 3

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Most recently, Apple’s smartwatch got an improved model called the Apple Watch Series 3. The design of this model is not too different from the predecessor, and that may not meet the expectations of many fans. But, what’s inside of this handsome guy, make you close your eyes to any possible flaws.

The new Apple Watch Series 3 charms with its versatility: it’s so flexible and functional that it’s suitable for everyone. The ceramic gray or noble gold Apple Watch Series 3 will fit perfectly into your everyday life. In this article, we will consider 6 main characteristics of this modern accessory, and at the same time the reasons why it’s so worth buying.


he most impressive update of the Apple Watch Series 3 was the availability of LTE. While the previous smartwatches in most needed the phone nearby, this model can serve you independently thanks to the new LTE technology. You can make calls, send messages and make reminders without the help of your phone anywhere in the world.

At the same time, the size of Apple Watch hasn’t changed after the update. A smartwatch contains electronic SIM and a fairly modern technique, that uses the display as a kind of antenna. All this makes the Apple Watch Series 3 even more unique and user-friendly.


The battery life of the new Apple Watch is another great feature for your daily life. Previously, buyers who have never paid attention to battery life would definitely be attracted by this model. The new ultra-efficient S3 and W2 chips allow using the device for more than one day, despite LTE and a bunch of new engineering.


What is Siri technology? In the past series of Apple Watch, for instance, watchOS 4, this technology allowed to search for the right information on demand and deliver it directly to your wrist. As mentioned earlier, Apple Watch Series 3 will have LTE, which will not only improve Siri but will also make it talkative with an up-to-date watch’s speaker. Now, to find out some news from the tape, you just have to ask Siri and hear the answer.


Apple Watch Series 3 also excels in fitness. Previous models, for example, the same watchOS 4, had a Workout app, which served as a personal trainer in the selection of training and performance. The new Apple Watch Series 3 just improved this feature, added a barometric altimeter, and gave the heart rate sensor the function of determining your resting and recovery BPM.


LTE makes it unique in terms of music. Yes, yes, now you can consider your smartwatch as an intelligent music player. The LTE chip allows you to accommodate much more than with the standard 2GB of storage. So, now the entire Apple Music catalog is on your wrist.


The latest for today, but no less important detail of the new model Apple Watch Series 3 is its performance. Because of the new LTE chip, all applications are loaded 2 times faster, but overall it should consume the battery much. But with a powerful dual-core S3 processor for such a small computer, your watch will work 70% faster, and the new W2 Bluetooth chip reduces battery consumption twice as much while increasing the speed of the Wi-Fi signal, which is very impressive.

Shirley Crossman is a real Apple geek who always is being in search of a new information. She graduated from Boston University in 2013 with a degree in Computer Science and spent her entire professional life studying and observing novelties in the world of technology. Shirley writes various reviews and articles about Apple products and follows all the updates to keep her readers in trend.
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