Apple can be called a technological or innovative giant. This huge corporation overcomes difficulties, improves its technologies and constantly develops itself at a rapid pace. Yesterday you were holding an iPhone with a Home button – today you can forget about it. Sometime earlier you listened to music in conventional headphones – now you cannot do it without Lightning or Bluetooth headphones since Apple no longer has a headphone jack. And last year was the last time you could sync apps to your device via iTunes. What do the Apple developers say about this? Well, they are not going to return to the past, or improve the present – they are both feet in the future.

Yes, not all Apple innovations have received ecstatic reviews from buyers, but this does not stop the corporation. They hold on to ambition and are aimed at continual improvement. So, what iOS area will undergo repair or removal next? What changes will occur with our smartphones, watches, or iMacs?


We think, or rather, it’s our assumption, that the categories that will change are the contextual menus and the home screen.

1. Contextual menus.

Contextual menu iOS, in our immodest opinion, is the first that will receive changes in the coming years. These Apple menus are really outdated, also considering the fact that they never functioned at the highest level. There was always a trick. For example, at the very beginning of iPhone era, it was not possible to “copy” and “paste” a piece of text for a specific purpose. After 2 years, this function appeared, but there were also difficulties with managing the text element that you’ve selected on the screen.

Contextual menus have always been adherent. That is, to select the desired option on the page, you should do a few steps, and not immediately choose what you need. This was observed particularly in the text formatting, where you had to view a bunch of variations, even if you did not need them. Suppose you decide to copy the text, instead of bolding it, then you have to start the operation all over again.

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We believe that contextual menus need to be changed, and this is obvious. The first thing that can be done is to simplify them by making separate icons for each operation (for example, when formatting text) so as not to flip through the whole menu. Second, Apple developers can add a radial menu so that one can turn into a submenu, just by sliding a finger across it.

One thing is good: Apple already has a powerful tool in this area: 3D Touch (possible only on iPhone). But so far, iOS has not used all its potential, and therefore it is too early to talk about progress. It remains to wait for the developers to pay attention to the contextual menus.

2. The home screen

The home screen, most likely, will get huge changes too. If the home button has disappeared after 10 years, why not change the home screen?

The main screen for iPhone has been its dignity for along time because it is simple and convenient to use. But, a lot of space is occupied by application icons, or it’s simply empty. Just agree that most often we use no more than 5-10 applications. The rest has been downloaded for single cases. It would be convenient if there were several huge individual folders for both needed and not needed applications. The main thing is not the number of applications that you fill the space with on the main screen but its flexibility and functionality.

Apple has already offered a 3D Touch, equipped with great features for the home screen, with a bunch of widgets and contextual options. But, it will be much better if Apple works on the icon grid and Spotlight to reduce the need to use a home screen.