The latest presentation of the newest Apple TV offers not only 4K content but also High Dynamic Range (HDR), including Dolby Vision. However, it worth knowing how many manufacturers can offer you their 4k hdr devices to support this technology. For example, by having more colorful and brighter picture, Dolby Vision can offer people an incredible visual experience. Now, we will show a list of new items of 2018 with 4K support, HDR, and Dolby Vision, so you would know how to enjoy your Apple TV 4K.


LG is one of the famous companies that always provide their users with the best products. Including the latest development of 4K TV, LG has its C7 series of TV displays that can be an excellent choice for your Apple TV 4K.

Among the best features of LG’s product, this screen can also offer support for many modern technologies that will make your Apple TV 4K shine bright like a diamond. Moreover, this model of smart TV can offer their users apps and interesting features without needing to plug any extra devices into it. It also has OLED technology that brings viewers amazing contrast and picture quality when you are using the 4K content. Due to its technology, OLED has a thin panel. The size is another positive factor since you can’t even imagine how huge this TV is. LG C7 has four HDMI, three USB, Ethernet, optical, and composite connectors. You may also hook up consoles, or computer, or other devices alongside with your Apple TV 4K. The price ($1,700) is very high though, but it’s worth your money.


Here is another quality product that is worth your attention. The VIZIO M not only offers a good price ($550 for the 50-inch panel), but it also supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision technologies alongside with the integrated Smart Cast System. The current M50 model has four HDMI ports and a single USB connection. You have even a chance to use Chromepast that built right into the set. Many additional devices can also be attached to this TV model. It is the best choice of price and quality if you are looking for something special.

TCL P607

We continue our list with the following model of TCL P607 TV. TCL can be a serious competitor to the famous brands, and they can offer a good range of TVs now. The price of this model is only $650, including the support of all features to enjoy your Apple TV 4K and integrated Roku. The refresh rate of 120Hz can provide you with the best quality, and you can enjoy all 4K content even on PC games. It has three HDMI 2.0 ports that are joined by a single USB connector, plus composite, optical, and Ethernet ports. The quality of the current model lets you enjoy the best part of 4K content with a decent price. Moreover, you can use your smartphone as a remote for non-Apple platforms.


We have another LG’s product to introduce. The UJ77OO model (you can buy the 60-inch for $1,080) has many interesting features and supports all latest technologies. It also has a webOS, like a C7 model, and a big number of additional features to enjoy your 4K content at home. However, it has no OLED technology, but it is very affordable for people if they are looking for a good product. Four HDMI and two ports still enough to have a quality picture and the best part that it is less expensive than the previously mentioned model of C7.


Sony always has some interesting products to hold fans’ attention. Now, they offer a TV with HDR technology and with a perfect quality for an affordable price (55-inch – $800). This TV has a special “Triluminos” display that provides you with countless shades of red, green, and blue, creates vivid colors.

If you have Apple TV 4K, have a look at the provided list and make the right choice.