In spring 2016, the company revealed its new iPhone SE that looked exactly like iPhone 5s but differed in better technological advancements that were made during last three years. Of course, there are plenty of rumors about it but nobody actually knows how it will look like and what upgrades we can expect. Let’s have a quick overview of what people are discussing now and what is known about new iPhone SE 2.


In August 2017, it was reported that a new iPhone would be released at the very beginning of 2018 and Wistron expected it to be shipped from India which would be more affordable. However, in January 2018 another market research group stated that Apple would release the product in the first half of the year giving no context on how the iPhone would look like or what features it could have.

Later that month there arose an idea from “a very reliable source” that new SE would have a glass back. Then KGI analyst made a suggestion that the company does not even have enough resources for creating a new iPhone SE 2 which seems to us very unlikely and in April some case makers claimed that new model may be presented in May 2018 with no headphone jack. What of these things are true? Now it is May and there are still no updates from Apple.

We’ll know if the company reveals the update or not at the WWDC which will take place this June. For now, we can only say that iPhone SE 2 with Face ID is going to be launched this September, although, based on previous statements this can change in a few months.


So, how is it gonna be called? Unless Apple makes a decision to rename the whole line of iPhone models, it is very likely that the next generation iPhone will be just called SE 2 (at least until we hear the official name). The current version of iPhone SE costs around $350 and compared to other Apple products it is a low price. So based on this we would make a suggestion about the slight increase in price for around $400.

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Concerning design, the SE comes in standard existing Apple colors: rose gold and gold, silver and grey. There are also jet-black and red but we are not sure that the company will spend extra time and effort into adding them to the lineup. Taking into account 4-inch factor, we assume that the whole point is in keeping it small. However, the analysts believe that the new model can have low-end, edge-to-edge display.


If we can say one thing for sure among all these rumors about new iPhone SE 2, it will be a complete upgrade of the system. It does not matter what the design, features or size of the phone will be like, but its specs will get a bump. But what will change? Rumors say SE 2 will have the A10 chipset, 128GB storage tier and 2GB of RAM. The battery might be upgraded to 1700 mAh and the front-facing camera – 5mp.

As for Face ID, here comes an argument with pricing because if it remains the same, then such thing as Face ID will be out of the question. But if the model will be considered as a mini iPhone X, then we can hope for support of Face ID and other options. We know that Apple provided inductive charging support to such models as iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone X so there is a reason to assume that SE 2 will follow that way. However, the company may not be interested in doing that especially if the price would be high.


Do we have any proved information about the features, release date, specs or exact cost of Apple’s 2018 iPhone? Unfortunately, not for now. All we can do is to make assumptions and look for new rumors and updates until some of Apple representatives will be holding the new iPhone on stage at the presentation. And what have you heard about new iPhone SE 2?